Writing again...

Our students write a lot.  In my daily walkthroughs of classrooms I regularly see students writing in journals, notebooks, and Google Classroom.  Through the iterative writing process of writing, editing and rewriting we want our students to be able to make claims and share stories that are rich in language, supported by evidence, and skillfully crafted and organized.

As a "lead learner" I think it is important to model what we expect of our students.  I want them to demonstrate good character and be kind; I should conduct myself in the same manner.  I want them to become avid readers; I need to find the time to read what they are reading.  I want them to write; well, I need to also.

In the bottom right of this page you can see some of my old posts from this blog.  I had put down the figurative pen for a bit of time and by sharing this re-introduction publicly, I am making a commitment to get back to writing and sharing.

We all want our children to become proficient readers and confident math students.  So, we are told, we need to encourage this at work and home- we need to read with our children, model a love for independent reading,  and use everyday actions and routines to discuss math (recipes, miles, money, etc.).  When was the last time we, teachers and parents, have been told to write more with or for our children?  We certainly don't hear that message very often.  The lesson for me is the same as it is for students: the more I do it, the better I will become.

Welcome (back) to my blog.